"Parzyziółko" is the first book written and illustrated by me.
This is a pocket guide whereby professor Parzyziółko reveals the secrets of herbs.
Text/illustration/cover/typesetting by Dorota Wojciechowska-Danek
Published by TADAM publishing house. 2018

Books about Carol Darwin and his discoveries. Story told by father for little daughter.
Text by Michał Golachowski
Illustrations inside and on cover by Dorota Wojciechowska-Danek
Published by Egmont publishing house. 2020

"Szelestwory i inne potwory" this is a  picture book for children with a set of poems about fear.
Text by Dorota Kassjanowicz.
Illustrations/cover/typesetting by Dorota Wojciechowska-Danek. 2019

„Duszan” is a magic story In which two brothers spend summer holiday
with their grandmother at her house surrounded by forest, animals and friends.
Text by Antonina Todorović
Illustrations/cover/typesetting by Dorota Wojciechowska-Danek

"Tramwjarka i inne matki PRL"  is a book about mothers from the time of PRL.
Twelve short funny stories describe how women lived in Polish PRL period.
Text by Piotr Wawrzeniuk
Illustrations/cover/typesetting by Dorota Wojciechowska-Danek
Published by Poławiacze Pereł publishing house. 2019